Jun 21, 2012

RC Car Action Reports: "Lighten up your TEN-SCTE and achieve better balance with this new chassis and tuning kit from MIP"

Following MIPteam Matt Olson's TQ and Double A-Main Victory sweep at Top Gun Shootout's world debut of the new MIP Pro4mance Chassis and Tuning Pak on Losi TEN-SCTE, MIP engineers find high demand for this latest new product introduced from MIP's Racers Line. MIP Part Number 12200, designed for use with both Losi TEN-SCTe Rolling Chassis (LOSB0127) and Losi TEN-SCTe RTR Chassis (LOSB0128), is more than just a chassis replacement. It’s a performance package, tuned by the MIP bold engineering team, that converts the Losi SCTE into an MIP Pro4 Tuned Race Truck! This kit shaves off nearly 8 ounces of weight and rebalances the truck to give a stable smooth drive. All done with the re-engineered paintable chassis and cowling, shock towers, front springs and MIP Bypass1™ pistons and valves. Each component in the assembly is manufactured in America using US grade material.

NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Distributors – reserve these for your Dealers now!! Racers – ask for MIP's newest product at your local hobby shop!

For cool stop-motion build animation visit: http://youtu.be/cGxVvV_7aAM
For more photos & info visit:http://miponline.com/store/mip12200.html
For video coverage of this product in action at this race visit: http://youtu.be/bMAAcA-FjzI

MSRP: $275.00                                      UPC# 691545122007

MIP Pro4mance Chassis Kit Features:

  • 7075 U.S. machined chassis; 12% lighter than the stock chassis!
  • Powder coated chassis to bring color and life to your vehicle!
  • Re-configured Center-Diff, Battery Tray, ESC, & Servo for superb vehicle balance!
  • Light weight Battery Blocks and Pocketed chassis for better traction & stability!
  • MIP High-Pitch Tuned Front Shock Springs! Comes with 3 different rates!
  • MIP  Carbon-Fiber Hybrid Graphite Tuned Shock Towers provide proper mechanical use of shock and spring to give the truck stability while controlling suspension motion!
  • MIP's Patent-Pending Bypass1™ Technology included! MIP has dedicated a site to highlight the innovative technology behind the patents-pending MIP Bypass1™ line of shock piston and adjustable valving systems inspired by full scale trophy trucks, visit http://RealShocks.com for more information.
  • Dubro & Lunsford Steering components allow full 1.8 travel of suspension without binding!
  • Servo Mounts provide a more solid installation lower in the chassis!
  • MIP Cowling provides excellent protection for your center diff as well as your electronics! It can also be painted and stickered!
  • All necessary hardware included for a 1-stop shop to performance!
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!

MIP Pro4mance Chassis Kit, Support Parts List:
#8117 MIP MX-T Servo Tape (2) $4.00
#12123 MIP Bypass1™ Pistons No.4 (2) $10.00
#12124 MIP Bypass1™ No.SW4 Stop Washer (2) $3.00
#12125 MIP Bypass1™, No.13 Valves, .003 Green (6) $6.00
#12126 MIP Bypass1™, No.14 Valves, .004 Tan (6) $6.00
#12127 MIP Bypass1™, No.15 Valves, .005 Blue (6) $6.00
#12128 MIP Bypass1™, No.16 Valves, .007 Matte (4) $6.00
#12129 MIP Bypass1™, No.17 Valves, .010 Brown (4) $6.00
#12130 MIP Bypass1™, No.18 Valves, .015 Pink (4) $6.00
#12201 MIP Chassis Palette (1) $140.00
#12202 MIP Cowling (1) $10.00
#12203 MIP Hybrid Tower, Front (1) $22.00
#12204 MIP Hybrid Tower, Rear (1) $25.00
#12205 MIP Battery Mounts (4) $25.00
#12206 MIP Chassis Brace, Front (1) $12.00
#12207 MIP Chassis Brace, Front (1) $12.00
#12208 MIP Servo Mounts (4) $16.00
#12209 MIP Antenna Mount (1) $6.00
#12210 MIP Pack Pal™ Battery Pad (1) $4.00
#12211 MIP Springs Front Blue/SOFT (2) $7.00
#12212 MIP Springs Front Yellow/MEDIUM (2) $7.00
#12213 MIP Springs Front Red/FIRM (2) $7.00
#12214 MIP Pro4mance Decal Sheet (1) $5.00
#99029 HW-SHSS/ 4-40 x 1/8in Flat Point (10) $3.50
#99042 HW-NUT/ 4-40 Mini Lock Nut (4) $3.00
#99043 HW-FHCS/ 5-40 x 3/8in Flat Head Screw (8) $3.50
#99044 HW-FHCS/ 5/40 x 1/2in Flat Head Screw (8) $3.50
#99045 HW-BHCS/ 5-40 x 3/8in Button Head Screw (8) $3.50
#99046 HW-FHCS/ 4-40 x 3/4in Flat Head Screw (6) $3.50
#99047 HW-SHSS/ 5-40 x 7/8in Set Screw (2) $3.00
#99048 HW-NUT/ 5-40 Steel Lock Nut (4) $3.50
#99049 HW-WASHER/ 4-40 x .050 (3/16in) Angled Washer (4) $4.00
#99050 HW-WASHER/ 4-40 x .125 (1/4in) Angled Washer (2) $3.00
#99051 HW-WASHER/ No.5 Flat Washer (12) $3.00
#99052 HW-CLAMP/ 3/8in Wire Clamp (2) $3.00
#99053 HW-ROD-END/ 4-40 Dubro Rod-Ends (4) $5.00
#99054 HW-TURNBUCKLE/ 2.375in Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles (2) $10.00
#99055 HW-FHCS/ 8-32 x 3/8in Flat Head Screw (6) $3.00


About Moore’s Ideal Products LLC.
Moore’s Ideal Products LLC, based in Southern California, is an innovative leader in precision CNC Swiss machining and contract manufacturing. Designed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA since 1978, Moore’s Ideal Products LLC continues to push the envelope of quality and engineered precision in its top selling race proven World and National Championship MIP™ brand of Radio Control Hobby Racing Performance Parts, its precision ground USA hardened steel MIP Thorp Hex Drivers and Tools, its new patents-pending RealShocks line of bypass shock pistons and valving systems for RC inspired by full scale trophy truck technology, as well as OEM products, and delivering manufacturing expertise for its clients across several industries, including aerospace, robotics, and orthodontics. At the helm of the MIP team is founder and chief design manufacturing engineer Eustace Moore, Jr., a respected World Ranked Pro R/C Off-Road Racer whose titles include ROAR USA National 4WD Champion and IFMAR World Championship Finalist. MIP is comprised of dedicated professionals in engineering, marketing & sales, quality control, and production. For product details contact call +1-626-339-9007, fax +1-866-599-5044, email sales@MIPonline.com. For media and interview inquiries email marketing@MIPonline.com. For more, visit http://www.MIPonline.com and http://RealShocks.com on the web.
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MIP Pro4mance Chassis Kit, Part Pictures:





For more part picture, videos, and information visit:  http://miponline.com/store/mip12200.html 

MIP Pro4mance Chassis Kit, World Debut Victory Pictures:

Top Gun Shootout SDRC 2012: Pro Class Short Course
Matt Olson/MIP: TQ, Fastest Overall, Podium First Place Win!


Top Gun Shootout SDRC 2012: Pro Class SC
Matt Olson/MIP: TQ, First Place A-Main#1, First Place A-Main#2
Eustace Moore/MIP: Third Place A-Main#3


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