Jan 15, 2011

MIPride - Chris Malone, Bedforshire, UK!

"Chris Malone’s heavily modified Tamiya Wild Dagger (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)

A Tamiya Wild Dagger is the base of this highly customized truck. Actually, there is little Dagger left. Chris calls his creation, "Cold Fusion", and it is built as a racer. His goal was to make it able to hang with any other MT out on the track. It has been in the works and getting refined for about 3 years and he tells us that he is really pleased with how it has turned out.

> Custom-designed 4mm aluminum TVP chassis; designed for lowest possible CG, minimimum weight, supports up to 16 cells and extends the wheelbase by 2 inches amonst other stuff
> Custom-designed 5mm aluminum combo shock towers/gearbox braces
> Modified suspension geometry for improved handling
> Aluminum and delrin cross-braces
> Unlimited Engineering Super Shocks
> R2C2 extended aluminum suspension arms; very lightweight
> MIP RS4MT CVDs all-round
> Lunsford Titanium turnbuckles
> 7075 aluminium XSpede front steering knuckles
> Prototype "Super Diff" installed in the rear; replaces stock diff with a much stronger custom-designed diff which uses HPI Savage 4-bevel innards (designed and made by a friend of Chris)
> Dual Mamba Max 5700Kv speed controllers and brushless motors. Top speed of about 55mph
> Dual Elite 8-cell, 4500mAh stick packs wired in parallel
> RPM Monster Clawz StableMaxx rims
> Pro-Line Bow-Tie tires
> Hexcrews AP hardware
> Nomadio React radio, with voltage and temp sensors installed"
-RC Car Action

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