Mar 11, 2010

Bringing Servo Back! ANNOUNCING The Return of Popular MIP Servo Tape!

Back by Popular Demand! MIP’s VERY POPULAR SERVO TAPE.
Customers want it and MIP gives the customer what they want!

RC Car Hop Up Servo Tape Racing Pit Accessories
MIP revolutionizes servo tape in the RC industry.

#08117 MIP MXT-1 Servo Tape (1 pc 1” x 10”)* 4.00

MIP MXT TAPE BONDS LIKE GLUE. When you’re ready to remove it, MIP
MXT TAPE PEELS OFF IN ONE PIECE WITH ONE PULL, and leaves no residue behind. MIP’s servo tape makes RC life easier.

Distributors/Dealers: Please note the new MIP Servo Tape has a minimum order quantity of 1 dozen pieces.

Order yours now!

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