Feb 5, 2010

Need Better Short Course Traction for SC10? Get MIP C-CVD Associated SC10 with Dyable Capture Ring!

Hop Up your Associated SC10 with MIP C-CVDs for Increased Traction and Reliability!

#09128 MIP C-CVD™ Kit for Team Associated SC10
MSRP $35.00

This kit replaces the stock drive shafts in Associated kits #'s 7026, 7027, 7028, 7029,70230, and 7031 with MIP durable C-CVD™ drives. Made of hardened strength alloy used for high power electric systems. MIP DYABLE CAPTURE RINGS for more confidence and reliability.

100% Quality made in the USA!

Support kits for #09128

# 09129 MIP C-CVD™ Axle for Associated SC10 at $ 8.00

# 08128 MIP C-CVD™ Bone for Associated SC10, RC10T4 at $ 8.00

# 08107 MIP C-CVD™ Re-Build kit for 3/16 at $ 5.00

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