Jan 31, 2010

MIP RC Rock Crawler Hop-Ups for Axial Scorpion

Axial AX90002 Scorpion Electric Ready to Run 1/10 Scale Rock Racer / CrawlerProven Top Selling Products! - MIP Axial Hop-Ups!

"After months of development, MIP is launching suspension products to handle the most prevalent problem for racers in the crawler market,” says Eustace Moore, Jr., President of Moore’s Ideal
Products, LLC. “Top racers frustrated with failing stock crawler parts tested our MIP product and said ‘Finally – it didn’t break’ when their crawler performance got them farther in the race than ever before! We think extending the tremendously popular MIP CVD™s to crawlers such as the Axial Scorpion will raise the already high level of competition with our latest products engineered to maximize the stability and performance of these scale model rock crawlers."

AXIAL AX10 Scorpion Rock Crawlers

#08100 MIP Reverse CVD™ Set for Axial AX10 Scorpion (ft/r) (4) $59.00

#08101 MIP CVD™ C-Drive Spline Set for Axial AX10 Scorpion (2) $59.00

Technical information: The C-Drive has 5mm bore at each end & min. working length of 4” .350 and max. working length of 5”.350 from end to end.

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