Jan 29, 2010

MIP on List of Must Have's for the AX10 - RCCrawler.com Bulletin Board!

My list of must have's for the AX10 - RCCrawler.com Bulletin Board
MIP CVDs #08100 and MIP C-Drive Spline Sets #08101 recommended! Thanks Team3Six!

Hey peeps!
I just thought I would add my suggestions for parts that I
use and that I think are really great products for the AX10 or trucks using AX10 axles and Tranny. Kinda helps those out who are looking to upgrade their setups with less of an issue. There are many more places to buy from and different products that are just as great. These are just my suggestions on gear I use. Hope this helps you!

*Drive Shafts


 (Excerpt from RCCrawler.com)


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