Nov 10, 2008

MIP Listens...New C-CVD...FIRST for Slash...Red Ring eliminates tiny set screws!

Slash 1/10 2WD Short Course Racing Truck RTR"Several of your “MIP Drawing Board” posts have asked...”When are you making CVD™s for the Traxxas Slash?”

In various forums, you have have discussed whether MIP CVD™s for the StampedeMIP makes Hop Ups for Traxxas Stampede or RustlerMIP makes Hop Ups for Traxxas Rustler will fit the SlashMIP makes Hop Ups for Traxxas Slash, and whether you would
have to get different rear axles.  Slash uses the shorter shafts than the Electric Stampede or Electric Rustler, more similar to the Nitro Rustler.

Classic Style MIP CVD SetWhen your posts said you were frustrated with the tiny set screws holding in the cross pins...we heard you! The technology and speed of RC has changed since the development of the original MIP CVD™New MIP C-CVDs...After months of under-cover research and testing...MIP responds with its revolutionary new C-CVD™!

C-CVD Kit: Slash, Nitro Rustler, Nitro StampedeMIP Listens....Announced first on the Slash, MIP’s new C-CVD™ design with the amazing new red capture ring eliminates the need for loc-tight, shrink wrap, etc....NO MORE TINY SET SCREWS! Another key feature, first on the SLASH, is we used a thicker
bone shaft with MIP’s hardened M2 steel for the axle...MAJOR UPGRADE IN STRENGTH! MIP expects to expand it’s offering of the new C-CVD™s through it’s product line...Upgrade your Slash now!

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