Jan 25, 2010

Must-See Design! Externally Adjustable MIP Ball Diff Delivers Smoother Cornering for Traxxas Jato!

Engineered for Performance - Count on MIP Products for Traxxas!

Jato 3.3 Nitro Stadium Truck 2WD RTR#09110 MIP Ball Diff Kit for Traxxas Jato 3.3 #5509 and #5510" " MSRP $35.00

This kit replaces the MIP #1625 Jato Ball Diff Kit.

Manufactured of hardened high strength alloy Diff Plates for great wear resistance and

toughness. Hardened Output Shafts are removable for quick and easy diff adjustment. O-rings hold in outdrives. 

Use this MIP Diff for smoother action.  Ball Diffs allow the car to be forgiving through the corners, unlike gear diffs that can hang-up.

100% Quality made in the USA!

Support kits for #09110

# 09111 MIP Ball Diff Rebuild Kit for Jato 3.3 at $15.00

(09111) Replaces the MIP#1626 Rebuild Kit.

# 09112 MIP 38T Ball Diff Gear for Jato 3.3 at $ 5.00

# 09113 MIP Diff Plate (long) for Jato 3.3 at $13.00

# 09114 MIP Diff Plate (short) for Jato 3.3 at $13.00



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